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Files Examiner is an interactive file management software with multiple functions for Windows. It is available for free and can open files such as webarchive, wp3 and wpd. In fact, the program allows you to use Windows email components to search, locate, view, email, organize and print multiple files. The other particularity of the software is that it lets you open several windows at the same time. Files Examiner is ideal for a computer that has a large storage capacity and will take advantage of the many features it has to offer.

Files Examiner offers a multitude of functions. One of the main features is the ability to search and rapidly locate files. Indeed, the browser lets you find files by typing the name in the search window. It opens instantly. You can also locate a file by selecting the file type. It will show a list of file types from which you will be able to choose. You will have to setup a filter that will automatically group files by sound, video, music, text, database, spreadsheet, and pictures as it organizes the whole disk in a single procedure. Once the files are displayed, you can create folders and sub-folders that you will be able to access rapidly without moving the information.

With Files Examiner, you can easily zip large files and make it easier to E-mail or copy on a CD or DVD. It also allows you to unzip Zip file formats. Similarly, you will be able to receive Zip file formats through the same Emailer.

Once you are able to view your files in Files Examiner, it lets you instantly print documents, text, spread sheets, pictures, and database files.

Organizing files and folders on your computer is an important part of the process. The program also allows you to organize multiple files by group and use the tabular viewing to instantly locate and retrieve documents you use frequently. You can also easily access a database over a computer network to arrange your files as Files Examiner can let you open a specific file that you can view, print and E-mail.
Additionally, if you don't like the default colors that Windows offers, you can change them with this program and set up your own Thumbnails, Entry Field and List Boxes. The program's interface looks like Windows Explorer's with the ability to double-click and view all supported files.

Additionally, you can use a group of different file types to create and maintain numerous catalogs for disks, folders and other devices. With Files Examiner you can accurately keep track of all the files viewed and sort them by date.

It requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista for installation.

Overall, Files Examiner is an easy to operate program with a comprehensive set of features including search, view, print, organize files using the Internet.